Along the years, I've got to own many awesome fanlistings, for which I'm very thankful. When it came time to say goodbye to some of them, I've always tried to find the best new owner possible before closing them. This is the most complete list I've managed to compile. I've marked whether I adopted (a) or closed (c) the fanlisting and the link is the current one at TFL at February 1st, 2020. If you're the new owner of any of these fanlistings, feel free to contact me to check if I have the old memberlist.


    • Edward Norton (a)


    • Charlotte Gainsbourg (c)
    • Elizabeth Mitchell (c)
    • Julianne Moore (a)
    • Renée Zellweger (a)
    • Yunjin Kim (c)


    • Björk: Debut (c)
    • Jewel: 0304 (c)


    • Emperor Penguins (a)



    • Characters: Majo no takkyubin: Kiki (c)


    characters: book/movie

    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Alice (c)
    • Chicago: Roxie Hart (a)
    • Closer: Alice Ayres (c)
    • Cold Mountain: Ruby Thewes (c)
    • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Clementine Kruczynski (a)
    • Harry Potter Series: Nymphadora Tonks (a)
    • Harry Potter Series: Rowena Ravenclaw (a)
    • Serenity: All Characters (c)
    • The Virgin Suicides: Lux Lisbon (c)

    characters: tv

    computer miscellany and internet


    • Pedro Almodóvar (c)
    • David Lynch (c)
    • Sofia Coppola (c)


    • Friends 1x21: TOW the Fake Monica (c)
    • Friends 2x12-2x13: TO after the Superbowl (c)
    • Friends 3x20: TOW the Dollhouse (c)
    • Friends 8x18: TO in Massapequa (c)
    • Friends 9x08: TOW Rachel's Other Sister (c)
    • Friends Season Finales (a)
    • Gilmore Girls 2x04: The Road Trip to Harvard (c)
    • Gilmore Girls 3x06: Application Anxiety (c)
    • Gilmore Girls 5x05: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin! (c)
    • Gilmore Girls 5x22: A House is not a Home (c)
    • Lost 1x01-1x02: Pilot (a)
    • Lost 1x03: Tabula Rasa (c)
    • Lost 1x22: Born to Run (c)
    • Lost 3x25: Left Behind (c)
    • Lost 3x01: A Tale of Two Cities (a)
    • Lost 3x04: Every Man for Himself (a)
    • Lost Season Finales (c)



    • Jeffrey Eugenides: The Virgin Suicides (c)
    • Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (a)


    • 21 Grams (c)
    • All about my mother (c)
    • Amélie (a)
    • Before Sunrise (c)
    • Before Sunset (c)
    • Before Midnight (c)
    • Dancer in the Dark (c)
    • Dogville (c)
    • Heavenly Creatures (c)
    • Lilja 4-ever (c)
    • Lost in Translation (c)
    • Magnolia (c)
    • Mulholland Dr. (c)
    • My Life Without Me (c)
    • Pan's Labyrinth (a)
    • Sliding Doors (a)
    • Talk to Her (c)
    • The Virgin Suicides (c)
    • Y Tu Mamá También (c)

    music miscellany

    musicians: bands/groups

    • Amaral (a)
    • Belle & Sebastian (a)
    • Metric (a)
    • Radiohead (c)

    musicians: female

    musicians: male

    • Damien Rice (c)


    • Lilies (c)

    relationships: tv

    • Firefly: Malcom Reynolds & Inara Serra (a)
    • Friends: Monica Geller & Rachel Green (a)
    • Friends: Monica Geller & Ross Geller (a)
    • Lost: Desmond Hume & Penny Widmore (a)
    • Lost: Jack Shephard & Kate Austen & James 'Sawyer' Ford (a)
    • Kate Austen & James 'Sawyer' Ford (c)

    tv shows

    tv/movie/book miscellany


    • Jessica ( (a)
    • Krissy ( (a)
    • Michi ( (c)
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